On-the-ground research and high conviction form the core of our investment strategies

Founded in 2004, Victoire is an investment management company, 100 percent owned and managed by its employees. We specialize in equity portfolio management and consistently focus efforts on delivering superior returns to our investors. Our independence allows us to maintain focus, and a strict commitment to our investment approach prevents us from being distracted by short-term matters. 

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Our Strategies

Our Asian and LatAm strategies are managed independently of each other under the leadership of each region's head of investments. 

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Our Investment Teams

All senior members worked extensively with one another prior to joining Victoire and, since the inception of our company.

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Our Investment Approach

Our in-house research is oriented to seek focus and agility in the on-going investment process of our strategies and, on the other hand, the broadness to capture the moving drivers of equity returns of the full spectrum of investment stories covered by our research teams.

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Our Support Functions

Our approach ensures that while each investment team remains largely independent in the management of their respective portfolios, all support functions are leveraged as one team with one set of common goals.

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“A great philosophy is built out of frustration with the status quo.”

Mohamed Mourabet
Head of Investments - LatAm