Our Strategies

Our strategies focus on our goal of building concentrated portfolios we believe in and helping to achieve the long-term investment goals of our clients.

Our Asian and LatAm strategies are managed independently of each other under the leadership of each region's Head of Investments. Our strategies are built around the skills and experience of our research team and portfolio managers. As bottom-up investors, we rely heavily on process-driven consistent hard work rather than star performances. The LAtAm strategy draws on our proprietary Integrated Research Platform that seeks to consolidate bottom-up research efforts across our firm and help our managers articulate their convictions about a target company and the key drivers of its stock.

Overtime, we update our capacity studies to determina a maximum capacity for each strategy to ensure that we preserve the quality of our returns and do not erode them through over-extension of their respective capacity limits.

“Finance well applied creates growth by preserving wealth.”

André Caminada