Investing in People

Our strategies centre on people, whether staff, clients or investees.

We are a business that sees its people as its core assets. The efforts and focus of our entire team drive the results we achieve for our clients. From our people we gain resilience and competitive strength, and we hire strategically, into a close-knit, collegiate structure. Through our collective approach to research we create a shared understanding of the foundations of successful portfolio management.

We demand strength across the breadth of our business. Investment, investor relations and operations are all critically important components of a successful firm. By balancing them, we can be sure we achieve alignment with both our investors and the companies in which we invest. This supports the long-term relationships we seek, and the returns we are able to generate.

“By establishing alignment of interest between ourselves and controllers of companies we invest in, we substantially reduce investment risks.”

Aquico Wen, CFA, CPA
Head of Investments - Asia