Our Guiding Principles

For well over a decade, we have remained true to our guiding principles and to the investors who have embraced them.

Alignment of Interests

We seek to ensure total alignment of our interests with those of our clients by investing our own personal wealth in our funds and tying our fees to performance. We believe our ownership structure also contributes to alignment as it enables us to drive forward our business with a long-term vision. We are 100 percent employee owned and we have a passion for investing in an environment which is entrepreneurial and rewards success while holding the highest standards of fiduciary duty and ethics.

Absolute Return Focus

We only run alpha-based strategies that represent our managers’ best ideas and are unconstrained by index weightings. We believe that investment decisions are best made by specialized and accountable professionals who take full advantage of high-conviction equity research within a team-oriented culture. These factors along with our investment process drive the achievement of the competitive returns we seek for our investors.

Niche Markets

Our investment teams are structured to have good knowledge of few niches, rather than a broad market approach. These niches normally exhibit anomalies and inefficiencies due to a combination of factors such as a lack of sell-side coverage and liquidity. Because of the benchmark-agnostic nature of our philosophy, our investment strategies are not bound by exposure to a beta, which enables our managers to be highly selective in determining our portfolios composition.


We maintain a predetermined capacity for each strategy to ensure that we preserve the quality of our returns and do not erode them through over-extension of their respective capacity limits. Our discipline to constrain capacity increases our ability to exploit market inefficiencies, and enable us to build meaningful positions of our best ideas.

Independent Thinking

We believe that independent thinking lies at the heart of successful investment. We not only focus on vital information that is less widely observed, but more importantly search for primary information from different sources both on the companies and on their stakeholders. We take a highly critical approach to this data, challenging ourselves to consider them from a unique perspective.

“Finance well applied creates growth by preserving wealth.”

André Caminada