Our Company

Victoire Investments is an independent investment firm focused entirely on the management of high conviction, absolute return driven portfolios. We have an unwavering commitment to our mission, which is to generate superior long-term returns to our investors.

Founded in 2004, Victoire Brasil Investimentos brought together a group of investment professionals who had worked together at Citigroup Asset Management. In 2013, Victoire Asia Investments was established with local managing partners who share our values and beliefs as a specialist asset management firm focusing on equity strategies in Asia. Today, our group is simply known as ‘Victoire Investments’.

We manage concentrated and benchmark-agnostic equity strategies from São Paulo and Hong Kong with the sole objective of delivering superior equity returns. We share the same philosophy, always supported by intensive proprietary research backed by rigorous processes and transparency. We provide each investment team with robust institutional infrastructure, without imposing a centralized research function. Each of our strategies is managed by a separate investment team located in-market which enables us to exploit and assess investment opportunities into both LatAm and Asian stock markets.

Victoire Investments is 100%-owned by its executives, allowing constancy of purpose and an alignment of interests between employees and our clients. We employ 17 staff in São Paulo, Hong Kong and London. We have 8 investment professionals in our team with considerable buy-side experience. We have developed a great team spirit among a stable group of investment professionals who share a passion for equity investment management.

“By establishing alignment of interest between ourselves and controllers of companies we invest in, we substantially reduce investment risks.”

Aquico Wen, CFA, CPA
Head of Investments - Asia