Our LatAm Offerings

A focus on opportunities in the LatAm equity markets.

We believe that for the LatAm investment universe the focus on the fundamental research with a value orientation can be irrespective of market cap but limited to liquid stocks, in a sense that we can manage through our proprietary research platform to identify potentials candidates on a relative basis and analyze each stocks considering their different aspects (conviction drivers, bottom-up risk factors, macro outlook, regulatory environment, among others). As we concentrate our portfolio to invest in the best opportunities in the LatAm region, we seek to achieve attractive returns to our investors and outperform the broader market and/or relevant benchmarks. The strategy is benchmark agnostic and thus very little or no attention is given to the benchmark’s composition in determining how to build our portfolios. Our LatAm strategy is not open for investment by members of the public. Under no circumstances should information on this website be used or construed as an offer, or solicitation of any offer, of services or securities.

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“By establishing alignment of interest between ourselves and controllers of companies we invest in, we substantially reduce investment risks.”

Aquico Wen, CFA, CPA
Head of Investments - Asia