Our Asian Offering

A focus on high quality companies in Asia, which are generally privately controlled, subject to limited regulatory risks and a demonstrated track record being managed with strong return orientation.

We believe the small and medium sized enterprise (SMID) universe is an area where in-depth fundamental research with a value orientation can uncover the most interesting investment opportunities. This space tends to be under researched and populated by companies in their early stage of growth and development where considerable shareholder value can be realized. Our belief is that adopting a highly concentrated portfolio approach, centered on profitable, stable and sustainable businesses with strong valuation support, should over time deliver attractive returns to our investors and outperform the broader market and/or relevant benchmarks. The strategy is benchmark agnostic and thus very little or no attention is given to the benchmark’s composition in determining how to build our portfolios. Our Asian strategy is not open for investment by members of the public. Under no circumstances should information on this website be used or construed as an offer, or solicitation of any offer, of services or securities.

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“Finance well applied creates growth by preserving wealth.”

André Caminada